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Quantitative Imaging Decision Support is Changing Radiology As We Know It

As the U.S. healthcare system transitions from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Payment, HealthMyne's mission is to empower the radiologist to be a consultative and collaborative member of the patient care team. We accomplish this in three ways:

  • Increasing Clinical Productivity by empowering Radiologists to quickly identify and characterize lesions in an efficient workflow, powered by a comprehensive set of Rapid Precise Metrics™.
  • Up until now, decision support within the radiology space has meant appropriate use criteria. HealthMyne redefines this paradigm by delivering clinical decision support within the primary clinical read. Powered by QIDS, HealthMyne drives clinical decision support, standardization and Precise Patient Management to downstream referrers.
  • HealthMyne generates a proprietary database of “radiomic” profiles of every lesion in the background with zero additional effort by the radiologist. This database becomes a strategic asset that can be used in clinical, transformational, and commercial research. As a result, Precision Medicine allows for more highly personalized diagnosis and treatment.
Remember: In the Value-Based World, data is the gateway to survival. Learn more about how we can help you today by downloading our QIDS brochure to the right.


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